About A. C. T. S.

Allowing Christ To Shine is an organization dedicated to help the children in Haiti. We believe providing shelter, education, food, teaching the word of God and showing God's love will transform their lives and transform their community. We also are passionate in assisting others in their call to serve God's Kingdom. When the Spirit of God compels "faith to action" after a mission trip or a desire is placed on one's heart to do something for the kingdom, we want to enable and empower that desire to become reality.

Mission Statement 

Our Mission is to actively serve the neglected and orphan children in Haiti. Our objective is to help the children end the cycle of poverty and hopelessness by providing shelter for the children, education, life skills, food and a caring, loving environment.

Vision Statement 

To shine the light of salvation: Love God, Love others, Follow Jesus and Live in the Spirit.

What We Do:

As part of our mission trips:

1)  Distribute food to communities in need.  Many are living in tents or homes made of random material just to provide shelter.

2)  Distribute clothes and shoes to children that have neither.  Many children are walking barefoot on the hot, stoney ground.  

3)  Play with the children and distribute toys, games, and share our love to a child.

4)  Help to teach English at schools to the children and community.

5)  Encourage our teachers, families and partners that are helping to provided the education and care at our schools, clinics and orphanages.

6)  Help to construct our buildings that provide for the children.  We also are digging wells to provide clean safe drinking water.


As part of our medical mission trips:

1)  We have medical doctors on our group that over see care given to the children, family or person during our mission trips.  
2)  We will have other medical professionals on our teams.  Physician Assistant, nurses, EMT, Pediatrician and others that allow us to give excellent care for each community that we visit.  We provide medicines for needy families and communities on our trips.
3)  On our mission trips we have many other volunteers that help with simply cleaning a wound, assisting in pharmacy, pack medicines. Our team provides amazing care for Haiti.
5)  Minor surgery has been completed by our medical doctors that have helped many to live without the pain they have suffered for years.
4)  Our medical clinic at our complex will have medical professions on call daily. We will have a nurse on site to help with the children at the school and orphanage.
5)  We will use our clinic as an outreach for the community.  There is neglected children and families in our area that need treatment for their ailments.
6)  We will provide dental care for children and others to help fight against infection and extractions.
7)  Our Community Health Program is to educate the community about healthcare.  Many sessions focus on proper hygiene methods, to help prevent the spread of sickness and disease.  We teach simple home treatments for minor health issues as well as educate on symptoms that require advanced medical attention.
8)  Many have injuries or open sores that if not treated could cost them their lives.  Daily the clinic will save lives.
A.C.T.S. Orphanage
1)  Provides love and care for the most vulnerable children in Haiti.
2)  Each child will have an education and  life skill training for their future.
3)  We will have all children at our school and orphanage learn English.
4)  Proper hygiene, meals, and clothing will be provided by ACTS.
5)  We will have structure in our schools and the orphanage to allow for proper development for society.
6)  All care givers will be paid by ACTS and all teachers are paid by ACTS.
7)  All medical care is provided by ACTS.  
8)  As these children at our orphanage become older and choose to go to college, ACTS will continue to support their future by paying for their continued education through the sponsorship program.
9)  We will break the cycle of poverty through, education, training, development, nutrition and love.
Divine Mercy
We are building shelter for 22 children.  We will continue to sponsor Divine Mercy children to help with food and education.  These children will be part of the change and future of Haiti.


Food Distribution Program


1)  ACTS distributes food to schools, orphanages and the neglected children and families in Haiti.
2)  The school lunch program is to allow a child a meal once a day.  If it weren't for the food program the poor children in Haiti would be fortunate to get a cup of sugar and bread for breakfast, and that would be their meal for the day.
3)  When a child in Haiti is hungry they eat things like small rocks, charcoal, dirt and even goat feces.  Either they have no food or the food they are eating is not a healthy diet.
4)  We have found that if children do not eat during the day they cannot think and learn at school.  They become sleepy and lethargic during class, instead of alert and attentive.
5)  Many families send their children to school because they know that their child will be receiving a meal, and it could be their only meal of the day.
6)  By ACTS helping schools and orphanages with the food program it allows them to pay for better teachers for their schools.  
7)  ACTS continues to help schools in Haiti to help educate the poor, neglected children to become the future leaders of their country.



We are providing education for 100 children in our school that we are sponsoring.  We have established an English class in the school that will provide for a great opportunity for each child's future.  ACTS is paying for the teachers, food and for the school supplies that help to provide the education for these 100 children.

We are in construction of another school that will help a community in Laffiteau.  This will provide a great education,  healthy meals and much needed medical care for the  neglected and poor children that would otherwise not have this opportunity provided to them.  This will help to reduce or eliminate the cycle of poverty in the lives of the children in this community.