Our Story

I was first exposed to the suffering and poverty of the world first hand in 2008 when I traveled to Honduras with a mission team. I witnessed children and families living in homes made of scrap metal and dirt floors. I spoke with children and families that shared their struggles to have food to eat and clothes to wear. But with their faith, love and hope in Jesus, they were content and joyful for the blessings in their lives. The Spirit began to speak to my heart and compelled me to continue to take steps of faith in my life. I left my corporate job in the fall of 2008 and became the Disaster Relief Coordinator for a ministry. I continued to make mission trips and also responded to disasters around the world. During this period, I also raised my own salary through support and donations. I was trusting God to provide for me and my family and he was faithful.

I began to talk with people that would go on mission trips or see a disaster on the news and want to do something more. They would have a strong desire in their heart that only comes from listening to the holy spirit, searching for an outlet for their passion or idea to become a reality. This is why Allowing Christ To Shine was created. It is a vehicle or outlet that allows individuals to have a partner in making their spirit led passions become a reality.

I spent 2010 responding to the earthquake in Haiti. I saw many children who were not eating, had no shelter, and no access to education or church. I visited the same orphanage during each of my trips to Haiti. This orphanage was destroyed by the earthquake. Ten months later, the children are still living in a tent with little food or water. I asked God, "When is someone going to help these children? It has been 10 months, surely God you will send someone?" I felt the Spirit say, "You are my hands and my feet, why aren't you helping these children?" I prayed and finally came to the decision to follow the calling of the Spirit. I created a non for profit organization to help those children, but also one that would allow others to go from passionate ideas to actions of faith when the Spirit of God compels them to advance the kingdom.