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The country of Haiti is currently going through many transitions. ACTS will be security minded in our mission trips.

Airfare:    The airfare is a variable cost in your trip.  The earlier you purchase plane tickets the more likely your aifare will be less.  We have provided the itinerary and flight information for you to arrange purchasing your airfare on your own or If you would like us to purchase your tickets please contact us right away with your completed required paper work.  (see bottom of page)   If you have any questions please contact us at or call 574-527-0103.  We will need your completed paper work prior to confirming your trip.

Accommodations in Haiti: Teams will stay at our A.C.T.S. Mission house in Haiti. We will have our cooks prepare breakfast and dinner, lunch will be prepared by our team.  More specific details will be sent to you once your application for the trip is received.

We do have air conditioning, wireless internet and electricity at our mission house.  Note: Air conditioning, internet and electricity may not always be available.  No hot water.

You will receive a list of what to bring for your specific trip.

What ladies wear: Prior to your trip you will receive an ACTS tee shirt to be worn on flights into/out of Haiti. All clothing worn should at knee level or below. If we attend church services or other events skirts/dresses should be worn.

What men wear: Prior to your trip you will receive an ACTS tee shirt. Shorts are allowed to be worn and shirts are to be worn at all times. Pants and a collared shirt will be required at church and other stated events.

Length of trip: five to eight days

Age Requirement: 18 years or older (if you are traveling alone)  or with approval and discussions with A.C.T.S. organization.

Document Needed: a current passport. Passport valid for six months from date of entry is required.

Food and Water: Your food is safely cooked and there is plenty of clean, safe drinking water.

International Medical Insurance:  For the dates you are in Haiti you will need to have your own short-term international medical insurance with emergency air evacuation coverage (repatriation).  Please visit,  or the company of your choice to purchase insurance.  Many times your insurance company can give you the information that fits your need.

Immunizations and medication: You must have a current tetanus vaccination. Check with your doctor or healthcare provider about medications to prevent malaria and other medicines or immunizations he/she deems appropriate for your travel to Haiti. Please visit for updated vaccination and information need for your travel.

Team Expense: This amount varies depending on team's mission and destination in Haiti. The amount covers cost of fuel, food, shelter, projects, translators, cooks, medical supplies, transportation and security while in Haiti. Team expense ranges from minimum of $860/person. Note: Your airfare and transportation are additional to this expense.
Your expense is paid as follows:

  • Deposit: $200 check or money order (plus completed application, liability form and a photo copy of your passport) are required to secure your spot for the trip. The $200 deposit is non refundable.  Your $200 payment will go towards the ACTS mission trip balance.  The ACTS trip is $860 and your $200 deposit will be used towards that balance.  Please Mail items to the ACTS address provided. Once your documents are received with your deposit we will then purchase the ticket for your appropriate week. You will be requested to pay your airfare immediatley upon purchase of ticket.  Once your ticket is purchased the ticket belongs to you.  We will not refund cost of ticket.
  • Payment: Your balance of the $860 for your trip is due 30 days prior to departure. Reminder the $860 doesn't include airfare.  Your airfare price is determined once your ticket is purchased.
  • Mail payment to Allowing Christ To Shine, P.O. Box 841, Warsaw, IN 46581.  Checks payable to A.C.T.S. or Allowing Christ To Shine

    Mission Trip Dates and Deadlines for 2017

  • July 19-25th trip: Deadline is May 28th

Seats are limited to travel to Haiti.  It is one of the most traveled destinations for mission organizations and the plane will fill up quickly.   Airfare is rising each day and will determine the total cost of the trip.  Dates are subject to change.  We would love to have you on our trip. We have included the itinerary to help you order your tickets and to see airfare. 

Cost of trips for 2017  is $860.  This includes all accommodations while in Haiti.  This Doesn't include your airfare or transportation to airport.

Please click on the forms below.  Please mail these completed forms in with your deposit payable to Allowing Christ To Shine.

Please email us if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Mission Trip Application Form
Mission Trip Liability Release

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