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Sponsor a Child at A.C.T.S Orphanage Today!

We have 5 children at our A.C.T.S. Orphanage, Davidson, Miguelson, Lovendia, Farah and Brenda. The children are raised in a loving home environment.  We need your help to raise them and to educate them. Sponsorship cost is $140 per month or you can have a "shared" sponsorship for $35 per month.  This allows for a lower monthly cost and will take a total of 4 sponsors to cover the cost of one child.  This is $35 per month and you share the sponsorship with three others of one child. 
This covers living expenses such as:

  • Food and Shelter
  • Routine Medical care
  • Education
  • Clothes/shoes
  • Staff salaries (caregivers, cooks, etc)
  • Fuel to generate electrical power and much more!

What you will receive from your child:

  • Photos and updates
  • Letters from your child
  • Daily prayers from your child

   With your donation of $1.16 per day you will give hope to a child, with three others you will complete the sponsorship needed for one child.  Thank you for your contribution.

You will be sent a package with clothes sizes and other personal information of your child.

Click here to sponsor a child at ACTS orphanage.

Thank You!

Sponsor a Student Today!

Students come to school each day and then return home to live with their families.  We have outstanding teachers who create an incredible learning environment for each child.  Student sponsorship is $35 per month. Your sponsorship provides a quality education and the following:

  • Registration

  • School uniforms

  • Books

  • Teachers & Administrative salaries

  • School supplies

We need your help.  Your donation of $1.16 per day changes a life forever.

What you will receive from your child:

  • School Photo and updated photos throughout the year

  • Year end report card

  • Letters from your child

  • Witness a life changed




Click here to see children that need sponsors.

  If you would like to sponsor monthly by form of a  check: 

  Please make check payable to A.C.T.S. Allowing Christ To Shine, PO Box 841, Warsaw, IN 46581

We will send you a sponsorship booklet along with your packet for your convenience.

Thank You!














































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